Georgia Association of Public Safety Communications Officials

Georgia APCO Committee Opportunities! Apply today!

Georgia APCO is pleased to announce that our State Chapter Committees are open and accepting applications for appointment.

The Board of Officers recently evaluated our committee structure and made changes to best serve the membership of our Chapter. The committees that are currently open for applications and their respective descriptions are included below.

  • Bylaws – The scope of the Bylaws Committee is to maintain the Association bylaws and policy manual to reflect the actions of governing bodies and review chapter governance documents.
  • Compassionate Care – The Compassionate Care Committee is charged with outreach efforts of support and encouragement to PSAPs who experience loss or tragic incidents.
  • Legislative – This committee will monitor legislative and regulatory activities, both state and federal, which impact public safety communications. When available, committee members will advocate for the best interests of the industry and association membership.
  • Membership – The scope of this committee is to support the membership at the chapter level by building relationships with members and chapter officers. This committee will help with new initiatives that impact the membership, engaging in outreach and chapter engagement activities, etc.
  • Regional Ambassador Program  – to establish an open line of communication between and among chapter membership and its Board of Officers; to facilitate the education of other public safety communications personnel with regards to APCO, International and its Georgia Chapter in terms of mission, purpose, and benefits; to recruit other public safety communications personnel to join APCO and take advantage of the training, networking, and services that we provide; to establish a sense of community among public safety communications personnel in an effort to share ideas, programs, and resources with each other; and to assist the chapter’s leadership with setting the organizations legislative agenda and establishing official positions on issues affecting emergency communications in Georgia.
  • Professional Development  – This committee assists in selecting quality program topics and content for the educational tracks at conference and training events.
  • Outreach (Website, social media, newsletter) – This committee is charged with the regular update and maintenance of the Chapter’s online web presence, social media accounts, newsletters, and other digital media. The committee is also responsible for publishing information, assisting with chapter engagement, and media/public relations.
  • Technology – The Technology Committee will research and recommend positions and strategies concerning all aspects of communications center technology. This includes analysis of current and future trends and developments to advise membership on technical inquiries. Members should have technical expertise in Information Technology, PSAP technology and equipment, Cyber Security, Networking, etc.
  • ProCHRT  – The scope of the Pro-CHRT Committee is to champion the professionalism of the public safety telecommunicator in all disciplines. The committee will gather information on best practices in various fields of public safety communications in areas like training, health & stress management, and quality assurance. The committee will also recognize the work of communications officers on our social media platforms.
  • Historical – The scope of the Historical Committee is to preserve APCO history, by collecting and displaying documents, memoirs, and artifacts at Chapter conferences and events.
  • Commercial Advisory Committee – The scope of the Commercial Advisory Committee is to provide guidance and support to staff on commercial membership matters and promote commercial membership among peers and non-member participants at chapter events.
  • Peer Support – This committee will join efforts with peer support teams and networks across the state to facilitate coordination and response to requests, peer support training opportunities, and outreach to agencies in need. Members of this committee should have a passion for mental health awareness in public safety communications.

Applications for committee participation can be submitted on the Georgia APCO Website ( -> Membership -> Committees). Members have the option to select up to three preferences on committee choices. We will stop taking applications Friday May 27th at 5pm. Once a member submits an application, the Board of Officers will review the application and submit recommendations for appointments to the Chapter President.

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the Board of Officers.